Welcome To Titan eSports

Titan Esports is an up-and-coming esports league dedicated to amateur North American League of Legends players. In addition to filling out this application form, we ask for all players/teams to please join the Titan Esports Discord and that you review our extensive guidelines/rules.

Our Mission

Titan Esports mission is simple at its core—promote a friendly, engaging, competitive gaming environment for all of the dedicated members of our esteemed community. TES was founded by a group of friends who came together almost a decade ago with the same common goals:

  1. Excellence — Create amazing gaming communities throughout a plethora of gaming platforms.
  2. Community — Whether it be WoW raiding guilds, solo adventures shared over digital platforms, slaying enemy squads, or creating an amatuer League of Legends community, it’s not the games we play that define us, but the relationships we’ve built through them.
  3. Hospitality — We want to include people, not exclude them; our communities will be a unique, fun, and engaging social experience.
  4. Competitive Fairness — Ensure players are respectful towards one another, adhere to the TES rules/guidelines, communicate and cooperate with teammates, and don’t look for unfair advantages (i.e. smurfing or boosting).